104: Strategically Scaling Businesses with Purpose — Carlos Miranda with I.G. Advisors

Carlos helps businesses with purpose grow and create a bigger impact.

Carlos Miranda swears he’s not a serial entrepreneur despite founding three companies. Carlos’s companies, I.G. Advisors, Social Misfits Media, and Lightful, came from a necessity to serve a deeply underserved industry. Carlos has worked with several big-name companies like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Nike, and more, and has help them scale their impact and growth in very strategic ways.

Key Takeaways:

[4:50] Carlos started his first business 5.5 years ago.

[7:05] How did Carlos get started as a fund raiser?

[13:00] Why did Carlos move to the UK to pursue this line of work?

[19:15] Carlos went to the UK for love! Now, he has twins.

[20:45] How does I.G. Advisors work?

[28:20] In order to be effective, company values need to be in line with the charities they serve.

[29:55] If the C-suite team is not involved in the planning stages, then it’s never going to work.

[31:40] There needs to be a balance between passionate employees driving the initiative vs. C-suite teams who understand the importance of the initiative.  If the C-suite doesn’t understand it, then it’s the first to go when the company hits a bad quarter.

[33:00] What is Social Misfits Media?

[39:10] What are some of the differences between social media, social good, and social media for business?

[42:50] Where does Carlos’s 3rd company, Lightful, come into play in all of this?

[48:20] What kind of tools does Carlos use?

[52:50] What is Carlos’s personal philosophy on giving back?

[56:15] Social media is a great equalizer. One person can make a huge impact on social media.

[57:50] By the way, Carlos has no work/life balance.

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