108: A Zero-Waste Lifestyle — Bea Johnson with Zero Waste Home

Living simply is the key to happiness.

Bea Johnson, her husband, and her two children, made the change to live more simply. By reducing their need for things and possessions, they also reduced their waste output. They first adopted the Zero Waste lifestyle in 2008 and they could not be happier! Can you believe than an entire family of 4 + their pet dog only produces about a one liter jar of waste a year?

Key Takeaways:

[2:45] An entire family of 4 + their fur baby generates only a liter of waste a year. How is that possible?!

[4:30] Why is Bea on a mission to reduce waste?

[8:15] Bea and her family store all of their trash for the year in one single jar. What’s usually in that jar?

[11:25] Bea has 5 rules on how to sort the ‘waste’. If the waste can’t be disposed of in those 5 areas, then it goes into the jar.

[14:15] What does Bea do with pens, for example?

[18:55] What kind of experiences does Bea and her family gain from living a very minimal lifestyle?

[24:10] Bea and her family has been able to save 40% of their income!

[28:40] People usually only use 20% of their clothing.

[30:45] Bea and her family are having fun with this lifestyle. When you take on a minimal lifestyle and give up possessions, you become more free.

[33:25] What do Bea’s parents, family and friends think about all of this?

[39:25] What are some exciting things coming up for Bea and her family?

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