110: Employees Want Socially Responsible Companies — Alisha F. Miranda with I.G. Advisors

It’s starting to become smart business to give back.


Alisha F. Miranda is the Managing Director of I.G. Advisors and the Founder of Not My Style. Alisha works one-on-one with companies to help build innovative programs that are both sustainable and scalable. As millennials begin entering the workforce, there’s been much more demand for their employers to give back to the community and causes that are important to them. More people in today’s world realize the impact that they have on the world and they’re voting for sustainable and ethical products with their dollars.

Key Takeaways:

[4:40] Who is Alisha and how did she get involved with corporate social responsibility (CSR)?

[13:00] How do business owners find out about/ get started in creating a CSR environment in their company culture?

[15:10] As more millennials join the workforce, more and more of them expect their employers get involved in charity.

[17:10] It’s becoming smart business to give back. Employees are more likely to stick around longer.

[25:20] Alisha shares some examples of companies doing CSR the right way.

[34:55] What kind of feedback has Alisha received from the employees she’s worked with?

[43:20] What is ‘Not My Style’ about?

[51:05] Today’s consumers are very, very aware, and concerned, about where their products are sourced from and the ethics behind it.

[55:00] Evil corporate fat cats are becoming less and less true as more people become aware about the personal impact that they have on the world.

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