112: Forgiveness Takes Guts — Dr. Shawne Duperone with Project Forgive

There is no conversation you can’t handle! You can get through everything with a little bit of talking.

Dr. Shawne Duperone is a communication scholar and public speaker. She dubs herself as having a ‘PhD in Gossip’ because her research has explored innovative ways to use gossip for good. Dr. Duperone is the Founder of Project Forgive, a company that provides useful tools to help you practice forgiveness on a daily basis. If you’re being too hard on yourself, forgive yourself! You need it.

Key Takeaways:

[4:35] We have to first forgive ourselves if we wish to see progress and move past our mistakes.

[5:15] Who is Dr. Duperone and why does she have a ‘PhD in Gossip’?

[7:15] How did Project Forgive get started?

[11:40] For example, how do you forgive someone who got the promotion you really wanted? How do you move forward?

[16:15] Do you feel guilty about something? Listen to it, it’s important!

[24:00] What kind of tools has Dr. Duperone created to help people with grief and forgiveness?

[35:40] When you’re able to forgive, you are also able to improve your relationship with that co-worker or whoever might be triggering you!

[45:35] Outside communicators can be the critical key that businesses need to help improve team communication and reduce the spread of gossip.

[49:20] Action step: Practice forgiveness for yourself.

[50:10] Sometimes forgiveness can also translate to acceptance.

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