114: Everybody Has Hidden Gifts — Lisa Marie Platske with Upside Thinking

We are often surrounded by good people – that is the rule, not the exception.

Lisa Marie Platske is the President and CEO of Upside Thinking, Inc. Lisa regularly runs Design Your Destiny Live events, where she teaches you how to maximize your strengths, take action, and get out of your own way! As a former law enforcement official, Lisa has seen everything, and even saw domestic abuse happen in her own household. When she left her career, she knew that there were still people in need and that God has bigger plans for her.

Key Takeaways:

[4:40] Who is Lisa and why did she get started in law enforcement?

[13:40] Lisa knows God has been very good to her and she’s been very blessed.

[14:30] How did Upside Thinking get started?

[20:00] Is there such a thing as being disadvantaged?

[23:00] How does Lisa find or pick the women she helps in Upside Thinking?

[26:05] Unfortunately, when you give your talents away for free, people often value your talents less.

[27:45] Through Lisa’s connections, she brought a small community  together during the economic crisis in 2008 and was able to help people stay afloat.

[30:35] What kind of positive changes have happened to Lisa’s clients after working with her?

[37:55] What are some of Lisa’s goals when it comes to helping women and exposing them to new and better opportunities?

[44:35] Regardless of your circumstances, everyone has the opportunity to give back!

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