115: Giving Back Insights #21 — National Foster Care Month with Rob Scheer of Comfort Cases with Rob Lowe

We NEED foster families

Usually, on Thursdays, we do Giving Back Insights, my solo cast supplement.  Today we’re doing something different.  I saw an awesome video on Upworthy.com about a man’s journey from foster care child to adoptive parent and his story inspired me to reach out to him.  Our conversation was as wonderful as you might expect with a gentleman who is committed to improving the lives of foster children throughout the DC metropolitan

Region and today’s episode will feature his interview.

Key Takeaways:

Their story is about courage, diversity, and most of all, love.  Fair warning about our interview before we start: there’s some profanity, there’s some discussion about child abuse, there are a few long pauses & shared indignation, and there’s some crying by a couple of middle aged guys.  You’re about to hear a really personal conversation between two dads, no edits.  

Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of Comfort Cases and the Scheer family and in honor of National Foster Care month, I am pleased to introduce Rob Scheer!

“We just got some new statistics” about foster kids and education & incarceration

2.15: foster care system is shattered, not broken

4.15: difference for Rob and his kids is not about color, it’s education and opportunity

5.45: adults who have been in foster care suffer PTSD at twice the rate of combat veterans

8.00: the University of Maryland chose Comfort Cases as their example for students of giving back

9.10: “therapeutic” foster kids are kids being kids.  Hoarding food is a way to feel safe when food was withheld in their lives.

10.45: Comfort Cases is a national charity run completely by volunteers, www.NoMoreTrashBags.org

12.30: Rob became homeless at 18 with a trash bag as a suitcase.  30 years later, his kids came with trash bags.  Shenendoah Chefalo wrote about that in her book, Garbage Bag Suitcase, www.GarbageBagSuitcase.com

 14.30: items in each comfort case are intentional and important to help kids transition to foster care

18.45: the blanket is about showing love for each child, which is what community is about

21.15: privilege to give back

25.45: Makai the Chicken Whisperer

29.15: “Blood does not make a family.  It’s the love in your heart that makes a family”

30.00: Only room for one princess in Scheer family, and that’s Amaya.  She and her brother Tristan battle over who rules the roost.

30.45: Visit to NY American Girl dolls store.  Amaya wasn’t too impressed, LOL

32.45: Five years later, talking about American Girl magazine experience with Amaya.

35.30: Got hate email after the American Girl magazine ran.

36.15: Choice as a family to address the situation, kids made the decision.  The Scheer family, not two gay dads with four black kids, decided to address the situation instead of hide.

37.45: Amaya to the million moms who called for a boycott of Mattel after the article: “I want to tell them to mind their own business”

39.30: Two dads who love their four kids

40.45: Reece comes from a very different background.  And he sounds like a pretty awesome dude!

43.30: Addressing puberty, they did what every family does

45.00: Greyson is a smart alecky son of two guns, funny and sharp as a tack

46.00: Life is about choices.  Chose to be a statistic, or be a leader.  Get in the game and play it.  We can change the statistics.

48.45: Once Rob decided in his early 30’s that his past and the abuse he suffered would not define him, he started to grow.  He wants foster kids to decide NOW.

50.30:  What does the Rainbow flag mean to Rob & Rob?

51.15:  Rob and Rob’s families share so much in common — of course!

52.30:  We NEED foster families, call or email Rob and he’ll answer every question.  You can be single, over 60, 30 or older, 2 men, 2 women.  What matters is you are ready to be a parent, short or longer time.  Let the kids know they are wanted.

Don’t be stingy with your love!  Always err on the side of love and kindness.


Love & Gratitude,


Resources and Links mentioned on today’s show:

Giving Back Podcast

Check out Rob’s Upworthy video below, or Google “Upworthy and Scheer”

Check out American Girl magazine article below, or Google “American Girl Magazine and Amaya”

To find out more about the Comfort Cases charity,

Check out Shenendoah Chefalo’s book Garbage Bag Suitcase and the website

Find out more about Rich Valenza’s organization Raise a Child 

Find out more about Dr. John DeGarmo’s life fostering over 50 kids 

Find out more about Brett Loftis and the Crossnore orphanage 

Find out more about Bob Simmons,Council for Children’s Rights in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina

And thank you to Stephan Spencer who opened my eyes to what’s happening to kids in foster care.  Please do your SEO magic to put the foster care system in more people’s hearts and in the crosshairs of reform



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