116: “It’s Not Our Job” — Yes It Is!! — Becky Slack with Slack Communications

Simple actions can go a long, long way. It is everyone’s job to help make the world a better place!

Becky Slack is the Founder and Managing Director of Slack Communications. Founded in 2013, Becky was motivated to start her company so that she could share inspiring stories of charities and social entreprises doing good in the world. Becky believes anyone can create a ripple effect of good, no matter how small. Small companies are often intimidated by the concept of charity due to not ‘being able to afford it’, but Becky explains why they too, can give back without sacrificing profits.

Key Takeaways:

[3:00] Becky has raised half a million pounds for the Red Cross.

[3:50] Who is Becky?

[7:35] Being trained as a journalist has a lot of perks and allows Becky to speak to very ‘inaccessible’ people.

[14:45] Since Becky cares so much about some very serious causes, she can often find herself getting stretched too thin.

[20:30] It’s important to help feed children in bad situations, but Becky believes it’s also just as important to make them smile and laugh too.

[27:00] Becky shares some stories of simple acts of kindness that can brighten anyone’s day.

[36:25] You don’t need to make grand gestures to help someone. Businesses are slowly realizing that they can give back without sacrificing big bucks.

[45:35] Becky discusses some of the nonprofits that really hit close to home for her.

[52:35] Giving back to serious causes doesn’t have to be so serious. You can make a charity event filled with laughter and support!

[54:15] Fundraisers are supposed to be fun.

[56:50] In three words, how would Becky describe the emotions she feels when giving back?

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