117: Giving Back Insights #22 — Leadership with heart with Rob Lowe

Ordinary people performing extraordinary acts of kindness

Welcome to the 22nd episode of Giving Back Insights, my Thursday solo show where I talk about how our guests and their charities serve others, to explore actions each of can take to make a difference in people’s lives and to share. Today I’m talking about Leadership with heart! Listen to today’s episode and don’t forget to give your feedback and valuable comment. Enjoy!

Key Takeaways:

In honor of National Foster Care month, last week we had Rob Scheer from Comfort Cases.  It was a great conversation full of passion and insight about the foster care system as well as his perspective as a gay white dad of four beautiful black kids. Two dads talking about family.

Here’s a great show about people doing things to help foster kids in Los Angeles, check out Crazy Good Turns, A Sense of Home at:


On to the show!  Talking about Leadership with a heart, first I want to give a big shout out to Debbie Radvar, my sister from another mister.

She decided to give me a ring and tell me that she kinda thinks my show is dope!  In fact, she likes the show with Ron Klabunde of Generosity Feeds so much, she wants to put together a food packing party with friends, neighbors, school parents, teens and businesses for her community.

Absolutely blew me away, I kid you not.  I had to pull over to the side of the road, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for her.  What a great, generous spirit!  Looking forward to connecting her with Ron soon, check out Generosity Feeds at:


Here’s a couple of names you might recognize, Guy Kawasaki, Apple Chief Evangelists & Seth Godin, best known for the book Tribes.  These fellas are well known for thinking about creating raving fans, and that’s what the power of social impact can do for ANY company.  Think about creating Community Ambassadors for your company.

I spoke with Josh Schukman of Social Change Nation (www.SocialChangeNation.com) recently, and was joined by his smart as a whip bride Brittain.  He brought up several great companies founded WITH a specific social mission:

Mission Belt: fighting global poverty one belt at a time


Listen Sound company: hearing aids for every high performance audio product


Many more examples with the people he works with, and that’s one way to stand out — by standing out, declaring your intentions, and making the social purpose part of the fabric of your company.

An exciting channel for giving back is the opportunity for businesses to get involved in a meaningful way.  By meaningful, I’m not focusing on dollars.  And I’m talking about businesses without a specific social purpose in their founding.  Instead, it’s about reflecting genuine values of giving back throughout the company, making it a part of the culture.

One of the first people I spoke about corporate philanthropy is Candy Barone, executive coach and dynamo.  In fact, we spoke about corporate social responsibility programs being a waste of money unless companies measure the impact, both inside and outside the company.

You Empowered Strong, LLC


Candy goes deep and hard with her clients, many of whom are executives at Fortune 500 companies overseeing hundreds if not thousands of employees.  She can get fellas to dig deep because she’s…..well, she’s Candy.  And I’m not, so what is Rob to do?

When I consider effective, heart centered presentations, I go back to the well thinking about Krista Gawronski of the Fabulous Women of Petaluma.  Her activities during presentations really get people into the right mindset quickly.  It’s hard to think of myself or any guy talking to a room full of men about opening their hearts in leading their companies, but she pulled out a fabulously (word play on fabulous, get it?) awesome activity that resonated with the rational, business-minded part of me immediately.


Krista put me in touch with Laurie Zenga of Feminine Power Flow.  She’s also the chair of The Petaluma Chamber of Commerce Women in Business Committee.  We talked about local, neighborhood businesses, and the incredible opportunity they have to create a stronghold of goodwill if they use their local roots to get involved.


Finally, my new friend Midori Verity, considered by many to be the Top Expert for Online Marriage Coaching.  We put all these ideas together, together with a little side bar about how this can all fit to move from midlife crisis to a midlife awakening, and I think I’m ready to get busy.


More to come!  In the meantime, remember: Don’t be stingy with your love.  Always err on the side of love and kindness.

Love & Gratitude

Mentioned in This Episode:

Giving Back Podcast

A sense of home: www. asenseofhome.org

Ron Klabunde, Generosity Feeds: www.GenerosityFeeds.org

Guy Kawasaki 

Social change Nation

Mission Belt 

Listen Sound company

You Empowered Strong, LLC

Feminine Power Flow

Fabulous Women of Petaluma

MIdori Verity

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