122: 500 Days of Giving — Stephanie Jones with The Giving Challenge

When you’re truly giving, it means you do not expect anything in return.

Stephanie Jones is a motivational speaker, writer, and giver at Giving Gal. She is the author of The Giving Challenge and also a former police officer. Stephanie started out on her journey by giving a gift to someone everyday for 500 days. It was a very humbling experience and Stephanie discusses some of the lessons she learned during that time of giving on this week’s show.

Key Takeaways:

[2:50 Every day, for 500 days, Stephanie gave a gift to someone.

[6:50] Stephanie talks about her Humanitarian Award from Cisco Systems.

[10:25] As a business owner, no matter how small your business is or how new you are, find a way to  give back to your community.

[15:45] If you visit Stephanie’s blog, she discusses in detail all the gifts she’s given, everything from giving prayer to baby clothes.

[21:15] Remember, we are surrounded by good people.
[28:50] How did Stephanie get comfortable speaking in front of a group of people?

[34:40] Stephanie was an Indiana state police officer. It’s a big cause she supports and even Stephanie’s father and husband are police officers as well.

[37:15] A lot of times in life we fail, but the worst thing is that some of us don’t get back up.

[44:50] A small amount of effort done consistently goes a long way over time.

[46:00] Stephanie talks about The Giving Challenge and what it is about.

[49:50] There is no such thing as small acts of kindness. They’re all big and they’re all significant.

[53:00] There are many lessons you can learn just simply by being generous to others.

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