124: Young People Are Inherently Limitless. — Hillary Schafer with Jefferson Awards

Young people can achieve so much, but sometimes they need a little bit of help to unleash their true potential.

Hillary Schafer is the Executive Director of the Jefferson Awards Foundation, a public service award that inspires purpose in our youth and finds sustainable solutions for impoverished communities. On the show, Hillary showcases powerful examples of how unlocking our young adults’ potential can achieve extraordinary things, both in the community they’re serving, and in the action taker.

Key Takeaways:

[3:45] Jefferson Awards winners are ordinary people who do extraordinary things without expectation of recognition.

[4:55] What is the Jefferson Awards about?

[9:55] We often talk about how the good work impacts a community, but we rarely ever talk about how the good work actually changes or affects the person giving to the community for the better.

[12:15] Hillary shares some key examples about how simple acts can help impoverished communities.

[17:55] The power of serving others is one of the best tools you can give a low-income child.

[20:25] Young people are inherently limitless. We just need to unleash that ability from within them.

[24:45] We live in a world right now where Americans are very pessimistic about America’s future. However, on the ground, America is alive and well. Our future is bright!

[34:45] In anything in life, it’s hard to be successful unless you’re in line with the incentives of others.

[42:50] When you empower our youth, they are able to change several thousand lives for the better, not just small communities.

[47:45] 3.5 years later, Hillary still loves, and believes in, what she is doing for Jefferson Awards and doesn’t plan on quitting anytime soon.

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