126: What a Philanthropic Legacy Planner Can Do for You — Mike Skrypnek with Big Impact Giving

Plan for your financial future and give back to causes you care about at the same time.

Mike Skrypnek is a Philanthropic Legacy Planner and the author of three books, with his most recent being Big Impact Giving. Mike helps high net worth families and entrepreneurs plan for their financial future while also giving a portion of their wealth to charities they care about. Under Mike’s guidance, his clients have re-directed over $10 million to charitable causes.  Find out on this week’s episode what a philanthropic legacy planner does and how one can help you.

Key Takeaways:

[3:15] Who is Mike?

[10:05] If you want to create a legacy, you have to start today.

[15:10] How does Mike help his clients find the right charities for them?

[26:40] Many of Mike’s clients want updates about what’s happening at the charity, but at the same time, they also want to be anonymous.

[28:05] Mike explains why he wishes more people weren’t anonymous with their giving. People need to know!

[31:50] Mike shares some of the unique ways his clients have given back.

[38:00] The charities you support are often an extension of yourself.

[41:55] When employers support a charity they care about, employee turnover decreases.

[44:05] Sometimes people psych themselves out of giving because they think they’re not ‘good’ enough. You don’t need to have ‘good qualities’ to do good things.

[50:15] Your dollars still have to be matched up behind value.

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