136: Create Systemic Change, Not More Bureaucracy — Justin Kang with City Awake

Fellow non-profits are often positioned as competitors, not collaborators.

Justin Kang is the Executive Director of City Awake, the civic innovation lab of the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce that explores bold and creative ideas to solve our most pressing urban issues. Justin and his team are currently working on an accelerator program to help make non-profit organisations more collaborative. It can be easy getting caught up in all the bureaucracy when trying to make meaningful change, but Justin aims to clear the path and make it simple to focus on important and life changing objectives.

Key Takeaways:

[2:10] What is City Awake?

[3:00] How did City Awake get started?

[6:20] Are there just too many non-profits? Is there a most proactive way to make a difference?

[10:35] Boston was recently ranked #1 in income inequality.

[12:30] Justin wants to find a better way for non-profits to be better collaborators, not competitors. This is why he’s creating an accelerator program just for them.

[18:25] How does Justin envision the future of this accelerator program at City Awake?

[22:40] Justin hopes to have this publically launched by next year.

[25:10] How does City Awake work with for-profit companies?

[27:35] For-profit businesses are part of the solution. The responsibility shouldn’t solely be on non-profit organizations.

[29:30] Business should not be the enemy.

[34:30] Since Justin is working with young leaders, what has he personally seen that excites them? What’s important to them?

[39:55] What are some of the stories that keep Justin going and show that he’s doing a good thing?

[42:55] What are three organizations that Justin feels have a huge impact on people?

[46:55] Why does Justin love Boston?

[52:05] Why are there so few Asian Americans involved in social issues and non-profits?

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