138: Pay Attention to Your Struggles — Elisa Parker with See Jane Do

Feel like you’re struggling? Take a step back and ask why you’re not in alignment.

Elisa Parker is the co-founder, President & host of the award-winning radio program, See Jane Do. See Jane Do is an organization that empowers everyday women to be heroes in their own lives. They highlight amazing women doing extraordinary things to create positive change in the world. Find out why Elisa cares so much about this cause and how you can help be a part of it on this week’s episode.

Key Takeaways:

[4:05] Women don’t always show up as their ‘whole’ self. They only show a part of themselves, but we need women to step up and into strong leadership roles.

[7:05] After election day, Elisa had her doubts about whether the world was really ready for a woman leader.

[10:10] Elisa was just so sure that Hillary Clinton was going to win.

[11:10] This isn’t just about women though; men play a very important part in all of this, too.

[13:00] Why did Elisa create See Jane Do?

[18:05] What was Elisa’s defining moment?

[20:10] There isn’t one right answer to doing good. Do what’s best for you and then find people who will help support you with your mission.

[21:45] We always find ways to talk ourselves out of doing something.

[25:35] Life’s too short! Stop doing what others think you should do and do something YOU want to do.

[32:10] Are you currently facing some struggles or resistance towards fulfilling your purpose? Elisa has some advice.

[40:00] When Elisa was getting burned out with See Jane Do, she knew she had to walk the talk and be vulnerable with her audience.

[47:00] There are several steps you need to take to make purposeful change – connect with others, collaborate on your common goal, and then make it happen together.

[54:45] How can men get better at trust, faith, and being more vulnerable?

[1:05:10] Elisa and Rob discuss their mutual friend, Malaika Bishop .

[1:11:05] How can people get involved? Start today and take a small step forward. You don’t need to do something super big to create a positive impact.

[1:16:45] As millennials, environmental policy-makers have no right to hurt our future generations. All of us deserve to have a clean environment.

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