142: Revolutionizing the Medical Industry — Dr. Naureen A. Shaikh with Mobile Medical Team

How do you change the way we provide healthcare on a global scale? Find out on today’s show!

Dr. Naureen A. Shaikh founded Mobile Medical Team in 2006. Mobile Medical Team is a public charity providing medical education and relief to underserved populations, both domestically and internationally. How is Naureen’s charity different? She is approaching healthcare in a brand new way and has powerful partners like Facebook by her side to help make patient-focused healthcare a reality.

Key Takeaways:

[4:45] Who is Naureen and why is she passionate about healthcare?

[14:35] It’s important to have the right amount of stress, as well as the right amount of support.

[15:20] Naureen was fortunate enough to have mentors from all walks of life help her become the woman that she is today.

[19:25] Why is it that the United States has so many resources, yet our health care system is so neglected?

[20:45] What’s the story behind Mobile Medical Team?

[29:10] When thinking about giving more power to the people, healthcare should be patient-driven and patient-focused.

[37:45] What kind of projects has Naureen worked on, both in the U.S. and overseas?

[43:05] How is Mobile Medical Team sustainable?

[51:20] How many people have a Facebook account? Having a patient portal for people to log into is not that much different.

[54:20] What Naureen is currently doing isn’t just ‘theory’. It is sustainable, and it has a low barrier to entry for people to get involved.

[59:45] What does Naureen mean when she says that the solution to good health is ‘in you’?

[1:06:45] Our currency is our own personal experience.

[1:12:35] Naureen doesn’t believe in mistakes. The great thing about her team is everyone understands there’s a big learning curve involved.

[1:14:35] What would be the three words Naureen would use to describe her commitment to helping others and giving back?

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