144: Nature Problems Are Also People Problems — Mike Sweeney with The Nature Conservancy

Nature resources are becoming scarce and it’s only going to get worse if we don’t find sustainable solutions.

Mike Sweeney is the executive director of The Nature Conservancy’s California chapter, the organization’s largest program. Mike focuses on solutions to the biggest environmental problems affecting California’s land, water, and oceans. On the show, Mike discusses why nature problems are not just damaging to animals, but they’re damaging to people too. He also talks about why people should care about nature and their environment as well as ways you can help protect our planet.

Key Takeaways:

[2:40] What does The Nature Conservancy do and how was it originally founded?

[6:15] Why is it so important to preserve nature?

[11:05] There are thrice as many people trying to live and it’s an open question whether the planet can sustain this.

[11:45] What are some of the biggest concerns The Nature Conservancy has for the future?

[16:25] What kinds of organizations are working with The Nature Conservancy?

[19:35] It’s becoming more and more obvious that nature problems are people problems.

[25:00] We know more about the moon and the surface of Mars than we do about our own ocean floor. This makes it difficult to protect.

[29:25] Mike discusses how he and his team are making a difference in the fishing industry.

[37:25] Who is Mike and how did he get involved in this line of work?

[42:45] What is the best solution to capturing moisture or water in the air, especially in a state like California that  is currently experiencing drought?

[47:00] How can people get involved?

[50:25] What would be the three words  Mike would use to describe his commitment to giving back?

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