145: Giving Back Insights #36 — Vision Quest with Rob Lowe

A vision quest is a rite of passage, similar to an initiation, in some Native American cultures.

Welcome to the 36th episode of Giving Back Insights, my Thursday solo show where I talk about how our guests and their charities serve others, to explore actions each of can take to make a difference in people’s lives and to share. Today I’m discussing my upcoming Vision Quest. Listen to today’s episode and don’t forget to give your feedback and valuable comment. Enjoy!

Key Takeaways:

A little different opening music for today’s show. “Crazy For You” by Madonna from the “Vision Quest” soundtrack kicks us off.
Giving Back Insights is about connecting, and also sharing this journey that I’m on in the hopes that we can learn together.
Vision Quest: it’s not 3 days running around in the woods smoking pot.
Setting expectations: what we want to get out of our Vision Quest, and what we want to leave behind.
Barbara & Don, thank you for a wonderful opportunity!
James, Valerie and Terry, I’m looking forward to our time together!
Always err on the side of love and kindness.
Love & Gratitude,

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