146: Our Community College Students Are Struggling — Clare Cady with Single Stop

Education is a pathway out of poverty. This is a time-tested trend.

Clare Cady is the Associate Director of College Programs at Single Stop. She is responsible for 16 college sites in seven states and oversees the development of six college sites in two states. The purpose of Single Stop is to help connect people in need to services that they may not be aware of and help make their lives a little bit easier. Single Stop focuses on providing aid to local communities, veterans, and community colleges. Find out more on this week’s show!

Key Takeaways:

[3:55] What is Single Stop’s mission and how do they help others?

[6:55] Why is Single Stop focusing on community colleges?

[8:55] The purpose of Single Stop is to help connect people to existing resources out there that they might not be aware of.

[14:35] The fact is finding work, shelter, and food is often a complicated task for impoverished people. However, Single Spot helps people get access to these basic needs in a much simpler way.

[20:25] The costs of college have gone up as well as the cost of living, but financial aid has not kept pace with this.

[22:20] Why is Clare so passionate about helping students? For starters, Clare was homeless for eight months when she was a student.

[28:05] Clare shares some personal stories of the people Single Stop has helped over the years.

[37:25] Single Stop also works with the local community, as well as veterans. How do they help in these two areas?

[41:20] What are some of the things that make both the volunteers and staff successful in what they do without getting burned out while working at Single Stop?

[48:50] Having somebody who listens to you with dignity and respect makes such a difference, especially when you’ve been struggling for a while.

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