148: Helping Our Forgotten Children — Jill Gurr with Create Now

Our society is setting up our foster/abused children to fail.

Jill Gurr is the Founder and CEO of Create Now. Through her work at Create Now, she has matched hundreds of mentors with thousands of vulnerable children in the Southern California and Orlando regions. Often, these children come from abusive homes, have a history of domestic violence, have been orphaned, or are homeless. On today’s show, Jill shares some shocking statistics about our nation’s foster children and how you can help combat this problem.

Key Takeaways:

[3:15] Jill’s organization helps the most at-risk children in need. These are children who have been abused, orphaned, are homeless, and more.

[4:00] Create Now has been going strong for 20 years and served over 37,000 kids. How does Jill and her team do it?

[4:50] It is estimated that 50-60% of incarcerated youth are in the foster system. In the adult prison population, 70% were foster children.

[5:10] Foster children usually go through 15 to 20 placements by the time they turn 18.

[9:20] Why is Jill so passionate about helping and giving support to children?

[17:40] The cycle needs to be broken. Jill has learned that many of the youth she works for are 3rd generation gang bangers.

[19:55] Children living in the inner cities have just as much, if not higher, PTSD than war veterans.

[21:45] How does Create Now help vulnerable children?

[30:55] The arts help motivate children to stay in school and it stimulates them in new ways that traditional school work doesn’t.

[37:00] Children need role models to help them learn the very basics like being on time and good hygiene, as well as the complex stuff like sex and drugs.

[43:15] If every one of us reached out and helped a child in need, we would all be living in a much better world.

[49:15] What’s next for Create Now and how are they going to be celebrating their 20th anniversary?

[50:45] How did Jill’s friends and co-workers react when she told them about her non-profit?

[55:35] Although Jill is currently working in Southern California, it is her goal to expand to places like New York and Chicago.

[1:05:55] Every community in the world has children who are in trouble and we need to help them in whatever capacity we can.

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