150: Transitioning out of the Military Is Incredibly Scary — Joe Musselman with the Honor Foundation

The toughest of men can experience the biggest of fears when it comes to leaving the military and re-defining their purpose in life once again.

Joe Musselman is the CEO and Founder of The Honor Foundation (THF), an organization that helps military veterans transition into the workforce. THF is the first-ever career transition institute for the US Navy SEAL & Special Operation Forces (SOF) communities with campuses across the country. Joe and THF have achieved an incredible amount of success in the short period of time since the organization was founded. Find out on this week’s episode how Joe was able to scale his foundation so rapidly and why there’s such a big need for a non-profit like his in the U.S..

Key Takeaways:

[3:10] The Honor Foundation has achieved incredible things with its members in such a short amount of time (3 years). They are working with a dozen startups, 83 employer partners, and currently have an alumni network of 5,000.

[3:40] What is THF about?

[7:35] Joe discusses  why transitioning out of the military and into the public or private sector scares so many military personnel.

[11:30] How does Joe find the right partners to work with as well as accurately vet their candidates?

[13:10] THF has a fantastic origin story. Joe shares a little bit about why he had to do something about improving veteran-to-work transitions.

[19:05] Only 13% of Special Operators have jobs when they leave the service.

[23:00] Today, THF has a 15-week training program at their two campuses, which are located in San Diego and Virginia Beach.

[33:45] How does Joe find his volunteers?

[39:05] What kind of feedback has Joe received from the veterans about THF?

[45:40] Rob is blown away by the work Joe is doing and how he helps veterans in such a fundamental way.

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