153: Giving Back Insights #40 — Opportunity, People We Spend Time With, and the Conscious Leadership Summit with Rob Lowe

Learn how to harness the power of community for personal and professional growth

Welcome to the 40th episode of Giving Back Insights, my Thursday solo show where I talk about how our guests and their charities serve others, to explore actions each of can take to make a difference in people’s lives and to share. Today I’m discussing my Opportunity, People We Spend Time With and the Conscious Leadership Summit. Listen to today’s episode and don’t forget to give your feedback and valuable comment. Enjoy!

Key Takeaways:

Getting to know Robert Clancy has been a wonderful experience

2017 Conscious Leadership Seminar: learn how to harness the power of community for personal and professional growth from top business professionals, international speakers, visionaries, and bestselling authors.

Leaders with values share their insight on achieving success by living with integrity in service to others

Opportunities like this happen when you intentionally align who you are and what you do

Sign up now for the Conscious Leadership Summit — it’s awesome and it’s free: http://ow.ly/ta6r30f7YDl

Always err on the side of love and kindness.

Love & Gratitude,


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