156: The Roles and Responsibilities of a Board President — Jim Noe with St. Vincent de Paul Society

There’s more than one way to be part of the solution. 

Jim Noe is the Board President of St. Vincent de Paul Society, in Contra Costa County, California. Jim has an extensive history with giving back to the community. He first started by sponsoring Vietnam refugees in his home in 1975.  From there, Jim has been involved in a variety of different charities and nonprofit organizations. As the Board President, Jim explains why he is able to do his best, and most effective, work in this position. He also outlines what kind of work goes into a position like his for anyone who is aspiring to give back to their community on an organizational level.

Key Takeaways:

[3:50] How did Jim first get started with giving back to the community?

[11:10] When Jim moved to San Ramon (a city in Contra Costa County) in 1986, he had much more time to give back to the community.

[14:45] As a board member, what interests Jim the most about his position?

[16:20] What does St. Vincent de Paul Society do and how did it get started?

[20:25] Jim was originally asked to be the President of the Council for St. Vincent de Paul’s Contra Costa County chapter. He accepted and was the President for 6 years before switching and becoming the Board President.

[24:35] In today’s world, you have to go into partnerships in order to get enough funding.

[33:00] St. Vincent is not a hospital but they do have volunteer doctors and nurses in cites for those who might need medical help.

[34:20] St. Vincent will even help undocumented people. Undocumented people in this country are still people, and they deserve respect and dignity.

[34:50] Jim is also on the Founding Board of the Cristo Rey High School. He explains how he and his volunteers are helping these impoverished children with their education and job opportunities.

[48:00] What kind of companies is Jim partnering with on the Cristo Rey project?

[51:45] There are lot of great benefits to giving back to your community. For one, you develop deep and lifelong friendships with very caring and giving people.

[52:10] Remember, money isn’t everything.

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