160: Our Veterans Have Invisible Wounds — Dwayne Paro with Landmark Life Coaching

Veterans know life is going to be very different after the military, but they still want to be normal.

Dwayne Paro is a veteran coach, contributor to the Huffington Post, and speaker. Dwayne is the founder of Landmark Life Coaching, where he uses his expertise to help veterans transition into the workforce. Dwayne himself is also a veteran who has served in the Air Force for eight years and has spent the past 20 years supporting the federal government as a contractor. On the show, Dwayne discusses how many of our soldiers have invisible wounds that they’re struggling to deal with every day, and how soldiers are finding it difficult to transition out of the military and into the workforce.

Key Takeaways:

[3:05] Who is Dwayne?

[6:20] Dwayne decide to create a life coaching practice that helps veterans transition out of the military.

[7:40] One of the best things we can do is create sustainable ways to give back. This is why Dwayne charges for life coaching services and provides free services to the veterans.

[10:55] When Dwayne was in the military, he felt like he had purpose.

[13:45] Not all veterans have visible wounds, but they do struggle and the general public simply aren’t aware of it.

[24:45] Oftentimes, we want things to happen and we want them to happen quickly, but life doesn’t work out that way.

[28:00] How does Dwayne structure his coaching sessions with veterans?

[37:45] You can’t just walk out of the military the way you can at a job. There are real life consequences not just for you, but for your team mates as well.

[38:15] What other things does Dwayne do to help veterans in his coaching sessions?

[43:45] When working closely with veterans, you also have to be very aware of how you word certain things, because it can be the difference between a veteran accepting help and being off put by it.

[47:55] What is Work of Honor about, and how do they help veterans?

[57:00] What is Platoon 22?

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