167: Giving Back Insights #47 — Lots of ways to give back, starting with lunch with Rob Lowe

Never take more out ot the life than you intend to give back.

Welcome to the 47th episode of Giving Back Insights, my Thursday solo show where I talk about how our guests and their charities serve others, to explore actions each of can take to make a difference in people’s lives and to share. Today I’m discussing the lots of ways to give back. Listen to today’s episode and don’t forget to give your feedback and valuable comment. Enjoy!

Key Takeaways:

We start with a recording of my first time using my Charity Charge card, donating to a wonderful charity, Rainbow Pack.  Me and Stephen Gartner, founder and CEO of Charity Charge shouting out to Riley Joy Gantt and the Rainbow Pack crew.  

One of the things about meeting people in person is the opportunity to get a better sense of who they are.  Stephen’s not just a do-gooder.  He’s sharp about financial services and making Charity Charge a sustainable business in order to sustainably give back.  He’s nice as hell, enthusiastic with a ton of energy, and a really decent fella.  



Want to see the video of Rob & Stephen?  Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnMSa8mbBvo

Let’s talk about giving back, people!  Here’s some that I know of right this week:

Heidi Ham Steiglitz, Reactor Room

Smashing Stereotypes of Adults on the Autism Spectrum


A week ago Ron Klabunde, founder and CEO of Generosity Feeds, came to town.  It’s official!  Generosity Feeds and Mod Pizza are working to feed hungry kids in Mod communities across America.




Thank you, Dawn — our first Community Champion!

Met Emily Cheng from Los Angeles.  She posted on the The Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Business Group on Facebook, looking for help developing a documentary to highlight local good food champions in Los Angeles.  Amazing, she was so fired up she up and quit her job 3 months ago.  All in, go big or go home.  Wow.  

Emily Cheng



Marc Bell making it happen for Oak Luv



Giving big is about following through on purpose and intent to serve.

How can I serve you?

Always err on the side of love and kindness.

Love & Gratitude,


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