171: Amazing Young Leaders- part 1 with guest Maria Keller with Read Indeed

Today kicks off our Amazing Young Leaders series. Five incredible young women & men who are making a difference in their community and beyond.

Our guest today is just your average 17-year-old girl, who loves to read, travel, and explore the great outdoors with her Golden Retriever, Lilly. Maria Keller is with “Read Indeed”. It is a 501c3 nonprofit literacy organization and the vision of our guest, a book-loving 17-year-old who wants to make the world a better place—one book at a time. Read Indeed’s mission is to promote literacy by collecting and gifting books to at-risk children. This amazing young lady is a Jefferson Award recipient and has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of children.

Key Takeaways:

Maria Keller lives in Plymouth, She began Read Indeed when she was 8 years old and her original goal was to collect and distribute 1 million books to kids in need of her 18th birthday. She accomplished this goal before the age of 13! She has currently surpassed 2.2 million books and is working toward 3 million books.

Maria Keller has a privilege. She always has access to books. Maria gets great support from local people and gets good press coverage. How people do things for others is really amazing.

Where do Maria and read indeed distribute their books?
How do books for treats give away books in the Halloween instead of candy? What is the impact when children get free books?

Maria shares how they get sponsored and how their system works for both old and new books. How do volunteer take part in different levels of read indeed. And why do they do it?

The hardest part of giving away books worldwide is shipping cost manage. Maria shares how they cope with it. What is Maria’s advice to the young generation who want to make an impact on giving back?

The act is to start and to take action and see where it goes.

Maria shares how she was recognized by Jefferson Awards. Rob shares some valuable insights about how the system of giving away books changed millions of families and have an impact on the lives of kids.

Rob is really impressed by this young lady.

Always err on the side of love and kindness.
Love & Gratitude,

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