172: Amazing Young Leaders – Part 2 — Responsible Pet Ownership Awareness — Annie Blumenfeld with Wags 4 Hope

How can you support your local animal shelter and reduce the number of kill shelters?

Annie Blumenfeld is the second youngest guest to appear on the Giving Back Podcast. She started her charity at a young age when her dog Teddy was nearly enthused by a kill shelter due to a heartworm infection. Fortunately, Annie’s dog survived and this began her Wags 4 Hope charity, where she teaches her community responsible pet ownership, sells her artwork for funding, and brings awareness about how to treat heartworm.

Key Takeaways:

[4:45] What is Wags 4 Hope about?

[8:20] Annie is a huge advocate for responsible pet ownership in her community and that includes helping children care for their pets.

[10:35] Annie has been a part of the local art show each year, and she donates the proceeds from her paintings  to this cause.

[12:20] How has Annie brought heartworm awareness to her community? When she was in 10th grade, Annie went to her state legislature.

[17:25] How many paintings has Annie done for charity?

[19:15] Wags 4 Hope is a full time job, and Annie is also student full time as well. It’s a lot of work but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

[20:20] What does it mean to be classified as a high-kill shelter?

[23:30] How has Annie grown as a person since being involved with Wags for Hope?

[26:40] What are some of the ways people can get involved?

[30:50] Even though Rob doesn’t have a dog, that doesn’t mean he’s not concerned about the wellbeing of animals.

[33:55] What’s next for Annie? Does she plan to expand Wags 4 Hope?

[35:50] What’s in the ‘responsible pet ownership’ kits?

[43:15] Annie talks about how she got involved with Operation Hope Connecticut.

[45:15] What kind of feedback has Annie received since opening her charity?

[47:30] What are three words Annie would use to describe her commitment to giving back?

[50:00] How can you help Annie?

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