173: Amazing Young Leaders- part 3 with guest Jacob Cramer with Love For The Elderly

Today is part 3 of our Amazing Young Leaders series.  Five incredible young women & men who are making a difference in their community and beyond.  

He is a 17-year-old changemaker from Cleveland, OH. He is a critically-acclaimed public speaker and founder of Love for the Elderly.  His message of advocacy for changing the way we view our elders and breaking age barriers has been broadcast throughout the world since he began his philanthropic journey in 2013.
LFTE inspires others to connect with their elders through programs such as Letters of Love and sunshine box. 
Through these initiatives, Love for the Elderly has brought joy to tens of thousands of seniors across the globe, motivating and inspiring people to give back to their elders in over 60 countries and 6 continents.

Key Takeaways:

Who is Jacob?

Why did Jacob start Love for the Elderly?

Jacob Cramer had a special connection with his grandpa and when he died, Jacob cried for weeks. When Jacob worked in a nursing home he realized the main problems of elderly people are isolation, they don’t receive the love they need.

Jacob started writing letters when he was only 13. And he started visiting the seniors when he was 12. Amazing.

Love for the Elderly is now 50-60 countries and 6 continent. So how do Jacob manage that?
How many Sunshine boxes Jacob and Love for the Elderly send out? Anyone can be the Kindness Ambassadors and that is why the love for the Elderly have so many great leaders already.

Senior Buddies is a great program that is featured on the biggest tv network is Brazil. It’s a sweet and wonderful program where young people exchange letters with seniors and eventually, they have skype or Xoom session so they talk face to face.

Who are paying for the Love For The Elderly project?

What were the main obstacles for Jacob?

What is the impact when you give back using a platform?

Jacob and Love For The Elderly created a great model for leadership, delegation, and understanding where people strength lies. Jacob is always happy to help who want to give back and he has very good advice for the millennial.

Go out there and make a difference.

Rob is really amazed by these initiatives Letters of Love, Senior Buddies, Sunshine Box and Kindness Ambassadors.

Love & Gratitude,

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