174: Amazing Young Leaders – Part 4 — Chase Marvil with The Inspiring Project

Bring more positivity into the world, especially into social media.

Chase Marvil joined social media in 2013 and the negativity that he saw on it lead him to create The Inspiring Project while he was still in high school. He wanted his page to be a place where people boosted each other up. Eventually, Chase would receive messages from troubled teens who were being bullied in real life and online and just by talking to him, they felt better about their life and situation. This made Chase realize The Inspiring Project was needed more than ever. Even though Chase is now out of high school, he wants to expand the project throughout his school district so that teens do not feel so alone.

Key Takeaways:

[3:45] Who is Chase and what does he like to do?

[8:25] When Chase gets messages from young teens in a dark place, how does he handle it and help them through their problems?

[10:45] What kind of feedback has Chase received from the people he’s helped?

[14:00] In 10th Grade, Chase decided to start the ‘Inspiring Wall’, which showcases everything the students and teachers were inspired by. You can check out  some of the photos on the Facebook page!

[19:30] What is Kindness Week about?

[20:30] What kind of impact has Chase seen so far since starting The Inspiring Project?

[25:45] Chase describes what it was like being on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

[27:45] What inspires Chase?

[30:20] Is Chase only speaking at other schools to talk about his project?

[38:45] What charities and projects would Chase like to team up with?

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