176: Delivering Quick Aid to Those Affected by Disaster — Kerri Murray with ShelterBox USA

When disaster strikes, families need temporary shelter and tools before they can begin to rebuild. This is where ShelterBox comes in.

Kerri Murray is the President of ShelterBox USA, a non-profit organization that provides aid, like tents, cooking tools, lights, and more, for families that have recently suffered disaster. Joining the organization in 2015, Kerri’s passion for helping others is deeply rooted in a personal hardship that happened when her daughter was born. On the show, Kerri discusses how ShelterBox delivers aid so quickly, what’s in the 125lb box and how the items help families, and also shares about the non-profit that boosts young women’s self-esteem, Girls Rock.

Key Takeaways:

[3:40] What is ShelterBox and what does Kerri do?

[8:40] When the 2010 earthquake disaster happened in Haiti, a million and a half people lost their homes. ShelterBox came in and was able to provide a third of all tented shelter to the people who had lost their homes.

[10:05] Everything a disaster victim and their family might need is within the ShelterBox. It weighs roughly 125lbs and costs around $1,000 each.

[13:00] ShelterBox serves around 30,000 families, approximately 150,000 people, a year. By the year 2025, they estimate they will be helping ten times that number annually.

[13:25] How do Kerri and her team deliver the aid?

[18:55] When the 2004 tsunami happened in Indonesia, ShelterBox was able to deliver 17,000 green boxes to families in need of aid.

[21:25] How do Kerri and her team deliver these boxes so quickly? What kind of logistics does she need to overcome when a disaster strikes?

[28:35] How did Kerri personally find out about ShelterBox, and why did she decide to join?

[36:35] What kind of feedback has Kerri received from volunteers who have helped others?

[42:45] What is the Girls Rock non-profit about?

[48:05] Interested in joining ShelterBox? There are so many ways you can get involved and participate!

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