179: Giving Back Insights #53 — Kicking off the New Year with Rob Lowe

Little wins along the way, your ego allows you to do bigger and bigger things.

Welcome to the 53rd episode of Giving Back Insights, my Thursday solo show where I talk about how our guests and their charities serve others, to explore actions each of can take to make a difference in people’s lives and to share. Today I’m discussing Kicking off the New Year. Listen to today’s episode and don’t forget to give your feedback and valuable comment. Enjoy!

Key Takeaways:

A hearty welcome to my special guest Kate Schell.  Amazing leader and my accountability coach with the Co-Working 2 team by way of Freedym.

Ryan Lee, thank you for keeping it real and introducing me to Kate!

What makes Kate such an amazing coach?  Learning with us as well as learning about us, and giving us what WE need.

Checking in and being accountable is not about guilt for falling short

She’s been there, done that, and fallen flat.  Starts with self-work.

Inviting people to the table: we all have a seat.  She wants us to know there’s a seat at Kate’s table for each of us and we have her ear when we need it.

Holding a lighter grasp on “things” and allowing results to flow naturally as a result of doing what’s an extension of yourself.

Part of my accountability is holding that mindset, not just a “to-do” list

Little wins along the way, your ego allows you to do bigger and bigger things.

Next year for Kate: exciting and terrifying at the same time

Kate’s mantra:

“But what if I fail?”

“Oh but my darling, what if you fly?”

Whatever your belief system celebrates, in the spirit of love and kindness I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Love & Gratitude,


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