188: Helping At-Risk Children Through Sustainable Projects — Jacqueline Herrera with Kitechild

It takes time and patience for others to see your good intentions.

Jacqueline Herrera amd Pollyanna Salas-Uruena founded Kitechild in 2010 to help orphaned and vulnerable children all over the world obtain stable and safe lives. Jacqueline became more familiar with the foster care system when she became a foster parent to her young brother when she was 24 years old. This experience propelled her into the work that she’s doing today with her Co-Founder and is one of the reasons why 100% of all donations to a sustainable project goes to that specific project.

Key Takeaways:

[3:45] What does Jacqueline do and why did she create Kitechild?

[5:35] When Jacqueline was 24, she became a foster parent to her younger brother.

[6:20] Children go into foster care or orphanage services for so many different reasons. Sometimes the parents are suffering from medical issues and are not able to care for their children or they’re living in extreme poverty.

[10:10] How did Kitechild first get started?

[13:05] How did the name Kitechild come up? Where was the inspiration for it?

[14:45] How do Jacqueline and her team come up with different projects that people can donate to and support?

[18:00] Jacqueline has tried replicating the same types of projects throughout different countries and it just doesn’t work as well. Each place is unique.

[20:00] Kitechild has really thought through how they can make each project and community sustainable for years and years to come. Teenagers are now able to seek work and develop their skills based on the initiatives Kitechild has done.

[24:35] Since founding Kitechild in 2010, what has the journey been like for Jacqueline?

[27:00] For the staff and volunteers at Kitechild, how does the work that they do impact them personally?

[32:20] What kind of feedback has Jacqueline received from the people who are running the orphanages or are working in child protective services?

[38:30] Because Kitechild is a relatively small NGO, they’re able to move in quickly and help more easily in the field.

[39:40] How does Jacqueline approach potential sponsors?

[46:35] Local partnerships are very, very important for Kitechild as it helps them get these sustainable projects up and running faster.

[46:55] 100% of all funds invested in a sustainable project goes to that specific project. How does Jacqueline support herself?

[51:00] What’s next for Jacqueline and Kitechild?

[53:45] What three words would Jacqueline use to describe her commitment to giving back?

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