About The Show

Rob Lowe

For people who want to hear about great work being performed by charities, personal stories of how and why our guests support their favorite charity, and learn different ways each of us can take action and get involved in a cause we are passionate about, this is the right place! After 40-plus years on this earth, I know that we face some real problems. Hunger, layoffs, homelessness, domestic violence, climate change, education, animal abuse………the list goes on and on, and even in the richest country in the world they are oftentimes right around the corner in our own neighborhoods. Sometimes the problems seem so large that it’s overwhelming and hard to imagine being able to make a difference.

But you can make a difference. And there are lots of people just like me and you who are giving back and making our world a better place. The Giving Back podcast celebrates their heartfelt commitment and the great work of the charities they support. We’ll have three shows a week and you can expect three things on every show:

First, we shine the spotlight on a charity. We talk about both the problem they are solving and the impact they have on the people they serve.

Second, our guests talk about how and why they got involved with a charity or cause. They have some pretty amazing stories.

Third, we focus on you, our listener. You’ll walk away from each show with ideas and resources you can use to make a difference on a cause you feel passionate about.

My promise to you is that our interviews are inspiring and you’ll feel uplifted. My hope for you is that you take action and be part of something bigger than yourself.


Rob Lowe
Host of the Giving Back podcast