007: You Can’t Take Your Possessions to the Grave – Engelo Rumora

Once you’ve reached a certain comfort level in life, instead of acquiring more wealth, make a difference in someone’s life.

Engelo Rumora is a successful property investor, motivational speaking, and soon to be author. He quit school at the age of 14 and started playing professional soccer at 18. Engelo has a lot of big things in the works right now and reveals what they are for the very first time on this episode. Engelo shares his opinions on wealth, lifestyle, and the legacy he wants to leave behind. Tune in for more and to hear about today’s surprises!

Key Takeaways:

[3:25] Who is Engelo?

[4:25] In the beginning it was about having enough money to have a lifestyle. Now, it’s about the team and giving back to others.

[6:40] You can’t take anything with you when you die. So why not make a difference and leave a powerful legacy behind?

[8:20] What legacy does Engelo plan to leave behind?

[12:00] Engelo wants to give a house away to a family who needs it.

[19:25] What’s really important and the key to success is by surrounding yourself with great and passionate people.

[22:20] Engelo is currently in the works to have his own Reality TV real estate flipping show.

[23:25] Engelo doesn’t want to get paid for it. He genuinely wants to give back as much as possible.

[23:50] Why do highly successful people still charge for this once they’ve reached the level they’re comfortable with?

[26:25] It is in Engelo’s plan to give away more houses in the future?

[27:25] You don’t need to get behind a particular charity in order to give. Engelo is a great example of that.

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“When we’re on our deathbed, you don’t want to take a one last look at your bank account.”

“You don’t need anything in return. If you’re going to give, give.”

“We’re all going to get to a certain level where enough is going to be enough. Give everything else away.”


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