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June 2016 call

In June 2016, just one week shy of his 41st birthday, I had the pleasure of speaking with Jason Havey, COO of Onnit and host of Spinning Logic podcast. I clearly have so much to learn about podcasting from Jason. He kept me comfortable, engaged, and pulled in a number of personal stories that made our 90 minute call fly by.

One of Jason’s great gifts is creating an environment that truly feels one on one even from a distance. Not only did he have my undivided attention, I felt like he was completely focused on me. I’ll let him share the story of his grandfather on his show, but what I will say here is that the way Jason described the situation illustrates Jason’s kindness, warmth and insight. His story is a beautiful comment on the goodness of people and you’ll definitely want to tune in.

Another great part of our conversation was about change, especially for middle aged men. You’d never know that Jason is over 40 with his energy and enthusiasm. One thing I contend is that a mid-life “crisis” only happens if we recognize our need to change and ignore it, choosing instead to retreat to security. Making choices from a place of fear rather than choosing from what we want is a rife with disappointment. But how do we balance what we want versus practical needs? You know, food, clothing, shelter, kids, spouse, retirement, etc?

It’s simple — we don’t. In his November 2015 interview with Robert Mallon and Bill Watkins from the Rusty Lion Academy, they talked about helping men fulfill their life’s purpose. One of the discovery tools they use is a Venn diagram, three overlapping circles consisting of what a person loves to do, what they’re the best at, and what the market will pay them for. This is what I mean:


When we operate at the intersection of these three circles, we are in the proverbial “Sweet Spot”. It is a state of abundance, a virtuous cycle. Think about it: the things we like to do are usually things we are also good at. The more we do them, the better we get at them. And the better we get at them, the more we like doing ‘em. And if the market will already pay you to do, teach, or otherwise demonstrate these things, they’ll pay you even more as you become an expert. Is that bitchin’, or what?

That’s bliss. It’s also what I, as a father of three,teenagers, am trying to help my kids orient themselves to as a path of want. Not need, and definitely not fear. Abundance.

By the way, it’s also the direction I’m headed. It’s tough to embrace fully and implement something so fundamentally logical but so inherently different from my upbringing. I’m lucky because I have people around me in this new phase of my life who support and encourage me. They also have been successful themselves at this, and keep me accountable.

One of my goals is to share my journey and build a community of men my age, late 30’s to early 50’s, who want a change in their life and are ready to commit to that change. Jason’s definitely on his way. One more thing to learn from this cool dude.

Jason Havey, thank you for giving back and making a difference in people’s lives.

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